Make Your Life Secure with Licensed Moneylenders

Licensed Moneylenders

If you are going through some hard times lately, it is time to free yourself from such tensions, especially if it is monetary problems. At times of financial problems, you can take a different type of loans from several organizations with legal documents. Singapore is a bustling city, with many people having a financial crisis. If you encounter such issues in Singapore, you can look no further than CRAWFORT. Let’s get into the article to know more about this money lending organization. 

Why Choose Crawfort?

CRAWFORT is the best money lending association in Singapore. If you are facing a monetary crisis at present, you can trust CRAWFORT to get the bestlicensed money lender Singapore within no time. Whenever you look for some money lending unit at times of crisis, you must keep in mind to choose only the certified ones. If you go for the uncertified money lenders, you might face some return policy issues later. The abnormal interest rates might even be a burden to you in times of financial crisis. CRAWFORT has been 100% successful in serving its client for an extended period. No clients can ever be seen complaining about CRAWFORT, as customer satisfaction is its only aim. But you must be thinking about why you should choose CRAWFORT overall for money lending policies in Singapore. Here is a list of positive sides for choosing CRAWFORT and not any other organization: 

  • At times of financial crisis, you might go to any other organization than CRAWFORT, but you should not expect a fast processing unit from others. But here, CRAWFORT assures you of quick processing of the procedure of money lending. Unlike any traditional working unit which takes months to complete one transaction, you can get instant money from CRAWFORT at times of monetary problems.
  • There are specific money lending organizations that do not have the best money lending policies, but in terms of eligibility, they differentiate and discrete among people in need. There is no class or standard of crisis. CRAWFORT has never been so critical in terms of eligibility criteria. It has got some simple eligibility criteria which most of the people in need pass without even applying the least effort. The client has to fill up some particular forms and sign specific contract papers for the least hateful return procedures. 
  • In case of the person with not so good debt records, CRAWFORT can help you improve it. CRAWFORT is a helpful organization that tries its level best to provide all the legal procedures at ease in terms of money lending. In case you do not have an excellent credit record, CRAWFORT can help you pay back all your debts in one payment. So CRAWFORT is not only responsible but also a helpful working unit.
  • At times of financial crisis, you think of taking lend from your near and dear ones at first. Whenever it comes to monetary issues, relationships get stained. Instead of destroying such incredible relations with your friends and family, you can contact and consult CRAWFORT for the most efficient licensed money lender Singapore
  • Most of the money lenders in the city of Singapore do not judge or lend verifying the credit history of the client, but they give the money according to the annual income. But CRAWFORT tries to make the whole process of money lending as legal as possible. It verifies all the authentic documents of the client who requires money. Only if the papers are legal enough for the verification tests, the procedure continues further. In the case of bad credit records, the client is given some particular money lending policies with special terms and conditions.
  • CRAWFORT knows people have privacy issues in case of money lending procedures. You might feel embarrassed in front of everyone on the revelation of money lending. It is 100% secure with CRAWFORT. It values its clients in the best way possible. You can trust CRAWFORT for the best private and legal money lending activities.

Types of Loan

In a city with lakhs of people, several people are facing different kinds of financial issues in present times. CRAWFORT examines your problem and needs for cash. According to your issue and the need for money, the sum amount is given. If you have some debts in business or for office purposes, you can try out the business loans. If you choose such loans from CRAWFORT, you might get various other facilities too. The business loans are of the exact amount you need. You can mortgage any of your stuff to the organization for the net amount.  

If you have substantial money needs like in case of any accident or medication, you can try out the emergency loans. In this case, you can go for your preferable terms of return policies. CRAWFORT cares for you, and so it does not create any pressure on you at times of emergency.

If you have extreme money needs for paying off significant debts, you go for the home loans. In this, the working organization keeps your home’s legal papers with them as a mortgage. It is for safety as not every person is responsible enough. In-home loans, you get credits keeping your houses in the hands of the money lending organizations. CRAWFORT is trustworthy enough for your home loans. All procedures are legal. Go and try your luck now!


The legal procedure of money lending from CRAWFORT requires a few legal documents of the client. Here is a list of those papers you will need:

  • Proof of annual income
  • Proof of profession
  • NRIC
  • Current credit record
  • CPF statements
  • Address proof
  • Identity proof

 Besides this, you have to take care of all the documents after getting the money from CRAWFORT.

  • A copy of the loan contract from CRAWFORT
  • Every time you pay back a certain amount, keep the receipts.
  • A statement of banking details
  • Copies of all accounts, money receipts, and other legal documents.