7 Best Plumbers In Singapore For All Your Plumbing Needs

Best Plumbers In Singapore

Finding a qualified plumber in Singapore is easy because of the abundance of service providers. Finding a reliable plumber is essential whether you’re dealing with a dripping faucet, a clogged drain, or a broken water heater. If you need a plumber in Singapore, we’ve produced a list of the top 7 service providers to assist you in your search. We recommend these plumbers because of their expertise, dependability, and dedication to customer satisfaction. These businesses have the know-how and experience to handle any and all plumbing issues, whether they’re urgent or not. 

1. Mr Plumber Singapore 

Mr Plumber Singapore has been providing reliable and best plumbing services in Singapore for over 10 years, making them a reputable company in the industry. They offer a comprehensive range of services, such as pipe leakage repair, toilet bowl installation, and water heater installation. The company is available round the clock for emergency repairs and boasts a team of licensed and skilled plumbers who prioritise high-quality workmanship and customer satisfaction. Mr Plumber Singapore is well-regarded for their dependability, reasonable rates, and timely response, positioning them as a top contender for all your plumbing needs in Singapore. 

2. Punggol Plumber 

Punggol Plumber, established in2000, is a Singaporean plumbing firm run by a local family. The company provides a full range of plumbing services, such as fixing leaking pipes, setting up new toilets, and replacing old water heaters. Promptness, affordability, and excellent results have made them an industry standard. Punggol Plumber is always here for you when you have a plumbing issue, and they are dedicated to providing fast, professional service. In Singapore, they are the best option for any plumbing service. 

3. Yong Hee Plumbing Works 

For more than three decades, Yong Hee Plumbing Works has provided Singapore with reliable plumbing services. Repairing leaking pipes, setting up new toilets, and swapping out old water heaters are just a few of the many plumbing services they do. They have a stellar reputation for their professionalism, dependability, and superior output. Professional plumber in singapore with years of expertise and proper licensing are part of the Yong Hee Plumbing Works team, and they always do their best to satisfy consumers. If you need a plumber in Singapore, you can trust this company to provide excellent service at an affordable price, and they are available around the clock in case of an emergency. 

4. Plumbing Hub 

Plumbing Hub is a trusted Singaporean plumbing firm that handles all manner of plumbing-related installations, repairs, and upkeeps. They have a crew of licensed plumbers on staff that can repair or replace anything from a single pipe to an entire bathroom’s worth of fixtures. Being an emergency plumbing service, Plumbing Hub is always open for your needs. Priced reasonably and backed by a 90-day guarantee, their dedication to happy customers is clear. If you’re in need of a plumber in Singapore, go no further than Plumbing Hub. 

5. SG1 Plumber 

There are several plumbing services that SG1 Plumber can provide for you, including fixing pipe leaks, installing a new toilet, and replacing your water heater. They have an in-house crew of qualified plumbers who put an emphasis on complete client happiness and excellent results. Emergency repairs can be made at low cost anytime with SG1 Plumber’s help. As an added bonus, they avoid surprising their customers with unexpected fees by providing accurate quotes up front and maintaining open lines of contact. SG1 Plumber is a reliable choice for all your plumbing needs in Singapore thanks to their commitment to quality and service. 

6. City Gas 

City Gas is the best choice for gas and plumbing services in Singapore. Installation, maintenance, and repairs are all part of their repertoire of plumbing services. The plumbers at City Gas are highly trained professionals with years of experience fixing gas and plumbing systems. They work with both commercial and residential customers, installing and maintaining gas systems. All of City Gas’s services are guaranteed to be of the highest quality and are priced reasonably. They have gained a stellar reputation for their prompt responses and high quality of service provided because of their unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. City Gas is Singapore’s go-to plumbing service because we’re fast, affordable, and reliable. 

7. Republic Plumbing 

In Singapore, Republic Plumbing is the go-to firm for all your plumbing needs, from setup to upkeep. They have a staff of professional and experienced plumbers that are committed to offering timely and trustworthy services to their consumers. In the event of an emergency, you can call Republic Plumbing at any hour for prompt service at an affordable rate. They consistently deliver high-quality work on-time, earning them a solid reputation in the industry. Republic Plumbing guarantees their work for a full 100 days to provide customers peace of mind. Republic Plumbing is a reliable option for all your plumbing needs in Singapore because of the professionalism and dedication of their staff. 


Thus, it is critical for any Singaporean homeowner or business owner to be able to rely on a qualified plumber. The seven plumbers we’ve highlighted above are among the best in their field because they provide an extensive menu of plumbing options and prioritise satisfied customers above all else. These organisations have the know-how and experience to handle any plumbing issue, whether it’s an unexpected breakdown or a preventative maintenance checkup. You can trust that your plumbing problems will be fixed quickly and successfully if you hire one of the plumbers listed here. 

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