Various Types of Travel Insurance that You Can Avail

Cheapest Travel Insurance

Travel has become an important part of life. People travel from one place to another for studying, doing the job, touring, and many more. They may face different types of emergencies during travel like health, accident, trip cancellation, and many others in such a case they need to purchase the cheapest travel insurance Singapore. People can purchase the HL Assurance Company that will help them in purchasing the policy required for their travel. There are different types of travel insurance policies that people can purchase, and, in this article, we will discuss them.

Domestic Travel Insurance

This is travel insurance which is beneficial for the people who want to travel within Singapore. This policy will save people from various types of problems during their travel. Some of the things that are covered in this insurance are as follows

  • Baggage loss
  • Medical emergency
  • Death
  • Permanent disability
  • Delay in travel
  • Personal liability

A customer can opt for many more things, but he also needs to take care of the premium that he has to pay for the policy. Foreigners who come to Singapore and have work permits also have the option of purchasing this insurance. This policy will not be refunded.

International Travel Insurance

People should purchase international travel insurance if they are planning to travel to another country. The insurance will protect in case of different situations. These situations can be either medical or non-medical. If people purchase this insurance, they can travel to any foreign country without worrying about any kind of emergency. The policy will cover all the overseas expenses related to any medical emergency. If there is a flight delay or the trip is canceled, people can get the benefit of trip cancellation with this insurance. If people lose any of the documents like passport, visa, etc. the insurance company will bear the cost of availing a duplicate passport and visa.

Individual Travel Insurance

This is a good option for people who have to travel to another country alone. There are many benefits that people can avail of through this insurance from HL Assurance. Some of these emergencies include medical, dental, accident, loss of baggage, bringing mortal remains, and many others.

Annual Multi-Trip Insurance

If an employee has to travel to another country for the completion of a project or to attend a meeting, he can purchase this insurance policy. This policy is also known as a corporate insurance policy.

Student Insurance

This is a policy that students can purchase if they are going to study abroad. Many types of coverage are included in this policy. Some of them include medical treatment, loss of essential documents like passport, and other things related to studies like books, stationery, etc.

Senior Citizen Insurance

This is an insurance policy in which people aged 61 years to 70 years can avail. The policy includes cashless hospitalization and dental treatment. Other types of coverage are also included in this policy.

Family Travel Insurance

This is a policy in which the entire family is covered. Various types of things are covered in it which include medical expenses, baggage loss, loss of documents, trip cancellation, and many others.

Travel Accident Insurance

This is travel insurance that provides coverage for accidental death or permanent disability. Losses happened due to flight and travel accidents are available in this insurance. Baggage loss, evacuation, dental and medical expenses, are also covered in this insurance. People can avail of the benefits only during the insured trip. This insurance can be availed by those people who are frequent travelers. People who have to travel to risky regions because of their job can also avail of this insurance.

Travel Medical Insurance

People need to purchase this insurance policy if they have to travel abroad. General insurance does not cover things like loss of baggage, loss of documents, accidental death, etc. but all these are covered in this insurance policy. The policy is available at an affordable cost as trip cancellation and many other options are not available in this policy. Delayed trips and loss of baggage are included in it. The policy can be purchased for single or multiple trips.

Medical Evacuation Insurance

This insurance covers the cost related to evacuation and repatriation. The policy can cover medical expenses if any of the family members are hospitalized. If a person has to go for an adventurous sports trip, he can purchase this insurance. This policy also covers loss of baggage and delays or cancellation of the flights.

Package Travel Insurance

This insurance policy is much more comprehensive in comparison to other types of travel insurance. This is the reason most people, who travel frequently, purchase this policy. Many things are covered in this policy and this policy is available at a reasonable cost.


These are some of the cheapest travel insurance Singapore policies which people can purchase. Some of these policies are expensive but cover a lot of things. People, who are frequent travelers, can purchase any of these policies.